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Toro Cordless 21" Power Clear e21 60V* (6.0 ah) Battery (39901)

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21" Power Clear e21 60V* (6.0 ah) Battery (39901)

  • Snowdrift Strength - All the power to break through heavy, wet snow and throw it up to 40 feet.
  • Crush Snow to the Curb - Rip through tough snow with the durable design of Toro’s patent-pending all-steel Power Edge auger.
  • Long Battery Life - Clear up to a 12-parked-car driveway on a full charge with the included L405 battery (60-Volt MAX, 7.5 Amp-Hour, 405 Watt-hour) and charger. And you'll get the most of your battery life with eco mode Speed Control.
  • Peace of Mind - Toro stands behind its products with a full warranty, not just limited coverage. 2-Year Full Warranty Snow Blower and 3-Year Full Warranty Battery